Altogether Now

    We knew that to turn the tide in Blackpool it would take more than health services working alone.  So, in response to a Government directive to work more closely with professional sports clubs, we launched Altogether Now — a Legacy for Blackpool.

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Altogether Now

Blackpool is a great place to visit for more than 10 million tourists every year. But unfortunately it’s not a great place to live.

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These are the key areas in which reforms have to be made if the health of peo­ple in Black­pool is to improve.

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Fit2Go is a six week, school and com­mu­nity
based healthy lifestyle and phys­i­cal activ­ity programme.

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Altogether Now for Men’s Health

Blackpool may be a seaside town and a popular place to visit for millions of people each year, but unfortunately it is not a healthy place to live.

Male life expectancy in Blackpool is the lowest in the country. This is because men are less likely to lead a healthy lifestyle — they are more likely to smoke, drink alcohol in excessive amounts and be overweight or obese. These lifestyle factors mean that the likelihood of experiencing serious health issues such as cancer, stroke and heart disease is greatly increased.

Five Minute Health Check That Could Save Your Life

Blackpool residents have the opportunity to take up a free five minute health check which could ultimately save their life.

The Altogether Now – a Legacy for Blackpool health trailer will be visiting various locations across the town from Tuesday 5 May.

Watch: Football legend and Altogether Now Health Ambassador’s moving interview about dementia

Following the recent launch of the latest Altogether Now — a Legacy for Blackpool short film, Health Ambassador and football legend Jimmy Armfield has been talking exclusively to Granada Reports about his experiences of dementia.

Jimmy features in the latest Altogether Now film which centres on the ‘How Good Is Your Memory?’ campaign — aimed at raising awareness of dementia across the town.

In an interview which will air during the 6pm Granada bulletin on Thursday 19 March, Jimmy tells how he has become more aware of the condition as he himself has got older. You can view a short excerpt of the interview by clicking here.