What is Altogether Now Blackpool?

Altogether Now - a Legacy for BlackpoolBlackpool is a great place to visit for more than 10 million tourists every year. But unfortunately it’s not a great place to live.

We face some of the most complex health challenges in the country.  Our male life expectancy rate is the lowest in England and women are not far behind.  We have high rates of heart and liver disease; cancer; mental health problems, alcohol abuse and substance misuse.  Add to that factors such as high levels of unemployment; deprivation and looked-after children; houses of multiple occupation and transience and you begin to see life behind the Golden Mile is not so bright.

We knew that to turn the tide in Blackpool it would take more than health services working alone.  So, in response to a Government directive to work more closely with professional sports clubs, we launched Altogether Now — a Legacy for Blackpool.